one-stop farming and learning experience

One-stop farming

Bhumi Nararya is not just a farm. 

It’s where we grow our sheeps and goats on the slopes of majestic Mt. Merapi,



It’s also a place where we learn and share knowledge we have from years of experience.


And sometimes a place where we share fried banana and hot coffee (you’ll love it when the air is cool like it is here!)


Bhumi Nararya staff member holding a baby goat in her hands

"MANY OF US LIVE HERE in the farm, we WORK TOGETHER, HANG OUT TOGETHER, play board games and guitar when the night comes.. IT'S A FAMILY, REALLY"

We started as a farm, now we’re more than that. On our 18.000m2 area beneath the mountains (literally!), we house more than 2000 goats, and since 2018, we’re building Bhumi Nararya Training Centre.

This is where we share our expertise in goat & sheep farming to YOU, in preparation for retirement, or as a fun learning experience.  We’ll teach you the fundamentals of goat farming, managing your farm, to keeping your stocks healthy and well. 

Bhumi Nararya is built by families, and has united many families into one big family. As a whole, we believe that:

1. Farming is our heart-calling, and a God-given responsibility. 

2. We take care of our animals with much needed love and care. We combine our knowledge with science to keep our stocks healthy and well. 

3. We believe in fair-trade. We don’t sell our stocks for the sake of profit, we make sure that what you buy is valuable to you, too. 

Contact Us:

Whatsapp: (+62)816-1188-545 (Didik)